B’ZT (Beacon Zone Technology) is a proprietary Bluetooth enabled smart apparel solution and networking technology. Our IoT platform utilizes Bluetooth sensors, smart apparel and UNDRCOVR application. Our mission is zero missing people.


Group Tracking

B'ZT App for Group Tracking up to 30 People.


No charging required

Enjoy long lasting built-in battery without the need for recharging.


Comfortable Eco Friendly

100% Bio-Degradable Device Casing Material Which is Hidden for Ultimate Comfort.


Machine Washable

B'ZT Smart Locator is Enclosed in Waterproof Casing that Makes it Machine Wash Safe.


Easy App / Free Tracking

B'ZT Offers Easy Apps for Free Geo-fence Tracking.


Unique Code

Each chipset device has a unique serial number (CODE)



B’ZT® UNDRCOVR  utilizes B’ZT Bluetooth locator tag and UNDRCOVR network App. When your loved one is within the Bluetooth range, the profile circle is blue, and when out of the range, the circle turns red and immediately send you alarms.

If your loved one left the safety zone completely, our app makes it possible to mobilize the app user’s network

B'ZT UNDRCOVR app issuing alram


My son loves it, we went to an amusement park and it came in handy. I was able to keep track of him and that really helped us both to enjoy our time at the amusement park.

Harold Gallego - Retired NYPD

Wow! It’s a brilliant idea tracking kids with clothes and it’s even washable. Such a convenience! Moreover, I love the design of T-shirt which is modern and fun!!

Miyoung Kim - Mother

QM Art International School is a private school in Flushing, New York. We used B’ZT school system during Summer Camp. We highly recommend this for public schools especially special needs schools for students safety.

PEI Shan Kao - QM Art International Flushing Branch