Meet the teams

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Kiyeon is a 20 year fashion veteran in New York City. Her invention B’zT®, despite just coming into the market, has already received recognition from PC Magazine and others as one of the top tracker solutions. She was recently honored to receive an award of recognition as a female founder from Greylock Partners and TechCrunch. She is passionate to build B’zT® as the most convenient and comfortable tracking device in the tracking industry. Kiyeon believes emphasizing technology as a positive means of human connection will provide children the sense of safety, security and confidence.

Chief Technical Director

Co-Founder of B’zT, Jinwoong is also the Founder of Chience, LTD, the leading IOT and Big data company in South Korea. When Jinwoong met Kiyeon in Seoul, he instantly felt B’zT would be something meaningful to pursue his passion to help others especially children or other at-risk populations. His technical leadership has been the foundation of B’zT’s machine washable proximity tracker embedded into clothing and sold both to consumers and schools / institutions as a reliable, low-cost, comfortable means to track children. He has been building a complete products and services B’zT platform which allows unprecedented group tracking system in the industry.

Chief Technical Director

Hyuntae, working several years together with Jinwoong, is a technical director of B’zT.  His nickname is one-stop-man: from software to firmware and hardware, Hyuntae has been demonstrated top-notch technical skills. His architectural and functional specifications to B’zT products and services made B’zT to be the reliable unique group tracking solution in the market. Hyuntae oversees entire process of B’zT from conceptualization to completion with an emphasis on accuracy and cost efficiency.  

School System Marketing Director

The very first word that comes to our mind when we think of Harold is “Care”. As a retired NYPD officer, Harold would be one of the most warm hearted person that you would encounter in New York City. His passion to help others has been deeply penetrated into Queens communities, NYPD communities and school communities. Harold met Kiyeon during one of Kiyeon’s school PTA presentations and decided to join B’zT as a partner after he took his son Ryan (in B’zT t-shirt) to Bear Mountain for a hike. He is currently focusing on B’zT public school marketing.

Product Manager

Yaeji was a designer at Elie Tahari several years ago when she met Kiyeon, her direct supervisor. Ever since, they are known to be a “Dream Team”. Yaeji’s persistent nature equipped with extensive knowledge in fashion industry, including designing, developing, manufacturing overseas and distribution in US domestic market, has been B’zT’s true backbone. Understanding fashion business is such a crucial part of B’zT’s success, Yaeji is the perfect partner to take good care of the B’zT products. 

Chief Finance Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Kris oversees the finance, legal and office services teams for B’zT. In addition, He works at the intersection of sales, marketing and creates data driven strategies and algorithms for sustainable revenue growth. Kris holds Masters of Business Administration from Bobson Collage. His specialties include: price optimization and contract negotiation, financial controlling and analysis, and profitability analysis and P&L reporting. Kris’s daughter and Kiyeon’s daughter are friends since 3 and they are 10 years old now.