What makes B’ZT® Smart Apparel different from other regular clothing?

B’ZT® Smart Apparel is dedicated to safety. Our smart clothing looks like a regular cotton t-shirt, however, it is embedded with the IoT (Internet of Things) Bluetooth locator tag. which is concealed as a patch, a shirt pocket or hidden in fabric layers. Our small Bluetooth locator tags are machine-washable. The tag can be paired with B’ZT UNDRCOVR app, which is available in App Store and Google Play.

You can buy a B’ZT Smart Patch separately which can be iron-on to your child’s favorite outfit.

Who can wear B’ZT® Smart Apparel?

B’ZT® Smart Apparel  is designed for children and Elderly.

B’ZT ( Beacon Zone Technology) Smart Clothing and the network B’ZT UNDRCOVR tracking app can be helpful to reduce the risk of wandering and going missing.

Our Beacon Zone Technology will provide parents and their children one of the most powerful protection strategies against child abduction and missing kids. While we understand that many of the missing cases are the extremely difficult problems of children being contacted and conditioned online to willingly walk into the hands of their captors, there unfortunately remains many others; such as in the case of Elizabeth Smart, where kidnapping is the first horrific act, and from there children can be forced into trafficking.

Our UNDRCOVR app powered by B’ZT focuses on the initial security breach. The first moment that a child is snatched or lured away from the safe area where the parent, youth organization, theme park or resort, where they are supposed to be. According to the FBI, in the cases of missing children, the first 3 hours after abduction are critical.

Also, time and time again, missing children who are found, are found through the mobilization of a network. Our technology makes it easier than ever before to quickly mobilize a network that can locate a missing child, especially in those crucial first few hours. While we do understand that our technology may not be the answer to every challenge in the complex situations that lead to child trafficking and wandering, we fully believe that we can be a powerful puzzle piece in the effort to protect children from suffering from the horrific act of abduction and missing.

Especially children with Autism spectrum disorder  can can into dangerous situations easily. “According to survey data published in the journal Pediatrics, nearly half of families reported their children with Autism wandered or eloped from safe environments. Finding and safely recovering a missing child with Autism presents unique and difficult challenges for families, law enforcement, first responders and search teams. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has special search protocols and checklists to help first responders.

Children with Autism go missing under a variety of circumstances. They may seek out small or enclosed spaces. They may wander toward places of special interest to them. Or they may try to escape overwhelming stimuli such as sights, sounds, surroundings or activities of others. You can help them become more familiar with these sights and sounds by hosting an Autism-friendly sensory event.”

Children with Autism may exhibit interests that pose dangers such as:

Bodies of water
Heavy equipment
Fire trucks
Roadway signs
Bright lights
Traffic signals

Source: https://www.missingkids.org/theissues/autism

How do I track my child with B’ZT® Smart Apparel and the B'ZT UNDRCOVR App??

The UNDRCOVR app is developed to be paired with IoT Bluetooth locator tags hidden in B’ZT Smart Apparel. The locator tag can be a patch or be embedded and hidden in the smart clothing.

Here are the step to use UNDRCOVR app:

Step 1, sign up and create your  profile. make sure you review our terms and conditions and privacy policy. Also review our push notifications for permission settings.

Step 2, register your loved one’s profile by clicking the plus icon and adding a picture and emergency contact number.

Step 3, to pair a new locator tag, press the activation button on the tag more than 8 times.

Step 4, click the Pair button on the app and select the matching unique code of the tag.

Now the locator tag and the App are paired. Repeat the process to register up to 5 tags.

How far is the range of the B'ZT Bluetooth locator tag?

UNDRCOVR app utilizes Bluetooth range which is from 55 to 75 meters (from 180 feet to 255 feet). However, maximum communication range will vary depending on obstacles (person, metal, wall, etc.) or electromagnetic environment.

In B’ZT UNDRCOVR App, when your loved one is within the range, the circle around your loved one’s profile photo is Blue. When your loved one is out of the bluetooth range, the circle will turn red and the app immediately send you warning notifications and alarms.

Can I find my child or care recipient’s exact location?

If your loved one left the safety zone completely, our app makes it possible to mobilize the UNDRCOVR app user’s network. The UNDRCOVR app user’s smartphone can be the Hub for receiving the signal of the missing locator’s unique code by clicking the pair button.

You can keep your loved ones safe with B’ZT UNDRCOVR app anywhere in the world.

Can I track more than one child with B’ZT® UNDRCOVR™ App?

Yes. The B’ZT® UNDRCOVR™ App can track up to 5 children. The App is free.

Can more than one parent, teacher or caregiver track the same child or student with B’ZT UNDRCOVR App®?

Yes. If your loved one left the safety zone completely, our app makes it possible to mobilize the UNDRCOVR app user’s network. The UNDRCOVR app user’s smartphone can be the Hub for receiving the signal of the missing locator’s unique code by clicking the pair button.

Where can I use B’ZT® UNDRCOVR App?

Our B’ZT® Smart Apparel and UNDRCOVR App can work in a variety of places and spaces, both large and small: shopping malls, amusement parks, classrooms, schools, museums, stadiums, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, airports, resorts, large picnics and family events. Because it requires only Bluetooth connectivity, you can use it anywhere in the world.

Why would I need B'ZT and the UNDRCOVR App in our house?

Yes! B’ZT Smart Apprel and UNDRCOVR App help some unexpected situation at home. Here is one of our feedbacks from a B’ZT UNDRCOVR user.  We received this inspiring story where the B’ZT Smart t-shirt was so helpful for Sophia, the parents and the entire family. With our customer’s consent, we are so proud to share this story with you!
Team – hope this note finds you well! I just wanted to reach out and personally THANK YOU because your product was a life saver for my 5 year old niece recently. I honestly cannot thank you enough!
The situation was that my brother-in-law had opened the front door of the house to get some amazon packages inside (they are redecorating their house so there were a bunch of boxes that needed to be moved in). Anyway, in all this move, he left the front door open and they couldn’t find Sophia so they assumed that she had wandered outside.
My brother in law ran outside to find her but couldn’t and my sister started getting a bit hysterical, afraid that our little precious Sophie was lost! But thankfully, she realized she was wearing the BzT t-shirt that day so quickly opened the app and saw the green bubble which meant she was near/ inside the house.
They searched the house to find her being locked in the upstairs bathroom and couldn’t hear her cries because they were downstairs looking outside for her!
So THANK YOU for being there for parents when their little ones get out of hand (literally!)

How long does the battery last and is it waterproof?

B’ZT® locator tag’s long lasting battery can last the whole year. Our Smart Tag is protected in a special biodegradable encasing so 100% Machine washable.

I am a teacher. Can I use B’ZT® UNDRCOVR App in the classroom and on field trips?

Yes. If your students are wearing B’ZT® Smart Apparel (patch, t-shirt or custom shirt) you will receive an alert on your smartphone through the B’ZT® UNDRCOVR App if they leave the classroom and go beyond the Bluetooth range. You can also use B’ZT® UNDRCOVR App with your students during field trips to museums, amusement parks or other recreational events.

What does B’ZT® mean?

B’ZT®’s acronym is Beacon Zone Technology. Our ultimate goal at B’ZT® is to help you create the safe zone for your child, student or care recipient via UNDRCOVR App which is available in App Store and Google play.