TIME Magazine Cover Special Edition 2019

Smart Clothing, to us at B’ZT®, transcends mere technological innovation—it embodies a profound reflection of the heart. In crafting these garments, we delve beyond the realms of circuits and sensors to infuse a spirit that resonates with the very essence of humanity. It’s an intimate connection between technology and emotion, where each thread is woven with care and compassion.

We believe that clothing should not merely adorn the body but should also reflect the emotions, comfort, and security we seek in our daily lives. As mothers, developers, and designers, we bring a unique perspective, understanding that true innovation in smart wearables requires a deep understanding of the human experience. B’ZT® envisions a future where technology is not just cutting-edge but is also deeply connected to the warmth and kindness that define our shared humanity—a future where every piece of Smart Clothing carries a piece of our collective heart.