TIME Magazine Cover Special Edition 2019

Throughout our journey from the Smart Clothing invention to execution, we met many people who were questioning the authenticity of the smart clothing B’ZT. Because it is so simple, they were skeptical about the legitimacy. Why not Nike or Apple but you? They would wonder. Why not Google? Aren’t they already making Jacquard, a commuter’s jacket with Levi Strauss & Co.? Why not Under Armour? Why you? What is Smart Clothing? We invite you to have an opportunity to think about why it makes sense the Smart Clothing invention was incubated by a mother, woman, and fashion designer, not by either a big tech or a fashion company. Mothers have the great advantage of understanding the heart more than the mind, love more than vision, compassion more than a goal, and kindness more than practicality. Comfortable smart clothing would need those characteristics. At B’ZT, we believe in Kind Technology, which is a responsibly connected network where no one is left behind and where Kindness is a New Currency. We believe in affordable Smart Clothing for All, which is why we are sticking to sensors and tags, not GPS and settle light for location tracking. We believe in Kindness, Love, and Humanity in technology.