Intellectual Properties

In September 2020, B’ZT Patent 10757989 is granted.


In July 2018 B’ZT filed a Continuation-In-Parts patent 63/057,271 in the United States.
B'ZT Patent in China granted

In October 2022, China SIPO granted B’ZT patent CN 109112837

In June 2018, B’ZT filed CIP patent 201810614155 .2 in China.

In June 2018, B’ZT filed CIP patent 10-2018-0068120 in South Korea.
In May 2018, KIPO issued the B’ZT trademark 40-1361498
In May 2018, B’ZT® Trademark 5460055 is approved.
In June 2017, B’ZT filed a CIP patent 15/625,717 to USPTO.
In March 2017, B’ZT patent CN106473256A was published in China.

In March 2017, B’ZT patent 10-2017-0027642A was published in Korea.
In December 2015, B’ZT filed a patent 201510859560 .7 in China.
In November 2015, B’ZT filed 10-2015-0162249 in South Korea.

In Sep 2015, B’ZT Filed a patent 14/843,924 to USPTO.