B’zT is the innovative combination of safety with style. Our ultimate objective is to fulfill 2 necessities.

First and most critical necessity is offering parents and caretakers a simple tracking technology for their most valuable asset: their children. The second necessity is to outfit those same children in fun, playful and stylish clothing that they love to wear!

We found that the current child safety/monitoring technology was either too clunky or uncomfortable for children while being expensive or bureaucratic for parents.

It was from these obstacles that B’zT came into being.

By marrying the technology of bluetooth and smartphones with colorful apparel and unique characters, B’zT aims to bring peace of mind to parents, guardians, caretakers, teachers, coaches and anyone responsible for supervising and monitoring children.

We invite you to style your children in our t-shirts, rain jackets and distinctive patches and experience firsthand the beginning of the fashion safety revolution!