What makes B’zT® apparel different from other children’s clothing?

B’zT® is dedicated to child safety.  Our clothing looks like regular cotton t-shirts, however, they are embedded with our patented tracking technology which are concealed as patches, shirt pockets or fabric layers. Our tiny Bluetooth chipsets are machine-washable and works in conjunction with our free B’zT® App which is available on iPhone & Android devices. We also sell embedded patches separately which can be sewn onto coats, jackets, sweatshirts, pants, and backpacks.

Can I know my child's exact location?

B’zT Bluetooth chipsets work as a proximity based alert system, NOT as a GPS locator.  It will not show the exact location of a child, however, Google Maps on the B’zT App will show the last location of the child’s prior to going out of range. This information can help reduce the risk of a child becoming lost or missing.


How do I track my child with B’zT® apparel?

After you’ve downloaded our free B’zT® App on your smartphone, simply turn on the Bluetooth function. Once you register, activate and scan your B’zT® chipset, you and your child are now connected!

When your child wanders beyond a pre-set range, the B’zT® App will send audio and vibrational alerts to your smartphone which should prompt you to immediately search for him or her. You and your child can now go to the playground, shopping mall, amusement park, stadium, concert venue, airport or virtually any crowded space with a sense of peace of mind and security!

How far is the range?

The B’zT® App on your smartphone issues alerts when the child wearing the B’zT® T-shirt or patch is about 70-100 feet from your smartphone.  Our forthcoming tracking chipset will issue alerts at 25 feet.

Can I find my child’s exact location?

No, however, our B’zT® App and chipset will show you the last proximity of your child before he or she completely wanders away. B’zT® helps reduce the risk of losing a child by issuing audio and vibrational alerts to your smartphone as an urgent prompt to search for your child immediately.

Will there be a GPS version?

Yes! A B’zT® GPS version is in development and is expected to be available for purchase by July 2020.

Can I track more than one child with B’zT®?

Yes! Our current chipset can register up to 5 children through our B’zT® App and track them simultaneously! Forthcoming B’zT® chipsets will allow a parent or teacher to track up to 30 children at the same time.

How long does the battery last and is it waterproof?

Our B’zT® chipsets can last between 10-12 months. Furthermore, our patented circuitry is protected in a special biodegradable encasing that is waterproof and machine washable.

Can my child go through TSA security with a B’zT® t-shirt or patch?

We encourage all of our customers to dress their children in B’zT® shirts and patches wherever and whenever they like, especially in crowded places like airports. As our B’zT® apparel is considered an “electronic device”, TSA personnel will request that the child take off the B’zT® t-shirt or patch-affixed clothing and place it in the bin for X-ray screening. We recommend that children have an undershirt or tank top while they go through TSA security. Once they have cleared security, they can put back on their B’zT® apparel and continue on their journey!

I am a teacher. Can I use B’zT® in the classroom and on field trips?

Yes. If your students are wearing B’zT® apparel (patch, t-shirt or custom shirt) you will receive an alert on your smartphone through the B’zT® App if they leave the classroom and go beyond B’zT’s tracking range. You can also B’zT® during field trips to museums, amusement parks and other large events.

I am a school principal. Can I use B’zT® to protect my student population?

Our B’zT® School System utilizes fixed scanners that can be installed throughout the school. One scanner can monitor up to 100 students at the same time. If any student with a customized B’zT® patch or shirt walks out of the building during unauthorized time period, the B’zT® scanners will issue alerts to the principal’s and teacher’s smartphones.

What else can B’zT® School System do?

B’zT® School System’s fixed scanners can be programed to issue smartphone alerts to the principal or teacher if students wander into a prohibited or dangerous area of the school. Furthermore, if our scanners are installed near the entrance of the school, they can notify parents that their children have arrived to the school safely.

I am a parent and would like to recommend the B’zT® ’s School System for my child’s school. What should I do?

If you would like to have our B’zT® School System installed in your child’s school, please give us a call at 1-646-825-0074 with your school’s contact information. We will reach to the school principal to present our B’zT® School System.

Can B’zT® work outside the United States?

Our B’zT® App and chipsets can work in most countries throughout the world. For further inquiries, please email us at info@smartbzt.com.


I am interested in distributing B’zT® overseas. What should I do?

We welcome distributors and wholesalers who would like to sell our B’zT® apparel outside the United States. Please send your inquiry along with your company profile and capability statement to info@smartbzt.com. We will review your inquiry and respond accordingly.

What does B’zT® mean?

B’zT®’s acronym is Beacon and Technology. In a humorous way, ”B” refers to ‘Bee’ and ”T” means ‘T-shirt’. Bees are excellent at locating the most abundant source of nectar near the colony and finding the best shortcut to come back home. Our ultimate goal at B’zT® is to help you find the best shortcut to your child!