What does B’zT mean?

B’zT®’s acronyms are Beacon and Technology. In a humorous way, ”B” refers to ” Bee ” and ” T ” means T-shirt. Bees are excellent at finding the most abundant and sweetest source of nectar near the colony and finding the shortcut to come back to their safe hives.

How do I track my child with B’zT?

B’zT® looks like a regular cotton t-shirt. However, a proximity-based Bluetooth tracking chipset is pre-embedded in one of the patches, pockets or fabric layers. It offers a simple, cost-effective, machine-washable tracking device that can be linked to a smart phone and issues an alarm when the tracking device clothing is no longer within range. 

How far is the range?

The B’zT® App in your smart phone issues alarms when the child in B’zT® T-shirt is far, about 30-40Meters from the smart phone.

Can I find my child’s location?

B’zT Chipset is using Bluetooth technology and caretaker’s GPS in smart phone that scans the chipset. So B’zT app shows the last location of the child before the child completely wanders off the range. B’zT prevents any missing child by issuing alarms and push messages before any accident happens.

How many children can I track at a same time?

You can register up to 5 children in the B’zT App and track them at the same time. B’zT also offers a separate portable scanner that can track up to 30 children at the same time.

What is the B’zT Portable Scanner?

The B’zT portable scanner is a device that we specially designed for school field trips. The scanner can monitor unto 30 children at the same time and send the location information to the  teacher’s B’zT School App. If any child wanders off, the teacher gets to know right away through issued alarms on the smart phone.

I am a teacher. Can I use the B’zT Portable Scanner in my classroom?

Yes. If any of your student run away from the classroom and wander off the school building such as during the recess time, you get to know right away. The B’zT School System can prevent any accidents from happening.

I am a school principal. How can I protect my entire school students with the B’zT School System?

The B’zT School System includes B’zT Fixed Scanners. The scanner can scan up to 100 students at the same time. The B’zT team will install multiple Fixed Scanners throughout the school building. If any student walks out of the building, the B’zT school server that is connected to the scanners will issue messages to the teachers phones.

How many different service systems does B’zT offer in total?

B’zT offers 3 different systems. First, B’zT for parents: Parents can download B’zT free App and monitor up to 5 children. Second, B’zT for Field trips. Teachers can take B’zT Scanner with them and monitor up to 30 students with one scanner. Last, B’zT for School buildings: This system involves  multiple scanner installations through out the school building to be able to monitor entire school students.

What’s the function of B’zT fixed scanners?

B’zT fixed scanners can be programed two different ways. If there is any area within the school that is considered dangerous, B’zT School Scanner will issue push messages if any student is near the prohibited area. By installing the scanner near the school entrance will give parents push messages that your children arrived school well and give teachers push messages if any student leaves the school building.

I am a parent and I would like to recommend B’zT system to my child’s school. What should I do?

Give us a call at 1-646-825-0074 and let us know your school information. The B’zT team will try to set up an appointment with your school principal to introduce B’zT school system.